Title 24 Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is the process by which a field technician verifies the installation and operation of newly installed equipment or construction elements of a nonresidential building. Since 2005, the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Standards) has required acceptance testing for nonresidential buildings. Acceptance testing ensures that installed equipment, controls, and systems in nonresidential buildings operate as required by the Standards and that the building owner and occupants receive the desired energy efficiency benefits.

Title 24 is a state-mandated law and set of regulations that all residences and businesses must uphold for energy conservation. These standards were established to reduce energy consumption, while increasing energy delivery system reliability, in response to California's energy crisis. Any alteration to lighting in an existing facility which needs a building permit requires that Title 24 Acceptance Testing be completed by a certified third party company. A report containing Title 24 calculations that comply with these standards must then be submitted to the state of California for approval.

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