Lighting Controls

United Electric specializes in designing lighting systems that optimize our clients spaces, providing monitoring and control over all aspects of lighting.

Lighting controls play a critical role in lighting systems, enabling users manually or automatically to control any function of their facility. Controls are evolving to provide advanced functions, which vary in availability depending on system type and application need.

Savings Benefits:
By reducing lighting ON time, intensity or zoning, lighting controls reduce both demand and energy consumption. Lighting control strategies produce 24-38% average lighting energy savings. United Electric can design and install a system to reduce building operating costs.

Other Benefits:
By adjusting the intensity of one or more layers of lighting in a space, lighting controls can:

  • Change space appearance;
  • Facilitate different functions of the space;
  • Alter atmosphere and mood;
  • Reduce glare; and/or
  • Increase user satisfaction by providing users the ability to control their lighting

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