Solar Panel Installation in Ventura and Santa Barbara, CA

Solar Ventura


United Electric’s commitment to sustainability goes deeper than our products. It starts with how we treat our customers, what materials we choose and extends outward to the communities we serve.  With that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to share some important information on solar opportunities that are available to you from United Electric.



SOLAR Energy Allows you to...

Dramatically reduce your electricity costs.

Say goodbye to ever-increasing energy rates.

Decrease your carbon footprint on the environment.

$0 Down financing and leasing options are available making the switch to solar perfect for every budget!

Feel good about reducing the country’s need for nonrenewable resources.

Solar Panel Durability

These panels are so durable that they can be folded quite severely and still function perfectly - significant physical damage is required to destroy the panel - even under extreme shock the panel never completely shatters.  A copper backing holds each panel in place.  Other solar panels can be broken by hand quite easily - they have a disintegrating style of breaking - a small strip holds each panel in place.

Who is Solar Energy right for?

From an environmental standpoint, solar energy is the best energy options for everybody.  In terms of return on investment, solar energy will most benefit people with significant monthly energy costs.  Homeowners and commercial property owners paying thousands of dollars per year in energy costs can self fund the solar panel installation within a few years and enjoy decades of energy savings.  Solar paneling may also raise the value of your property.


Studies show that with solar energy, you can...

Save thousands of dollars each year.

Avoid ever-increasing electricity rates and peak hour rates.

Receive Government incentives that can cut 30% or more off the complete installation cost.

Homes with solar sell more quickly, for more than non-solar homes.

No moving parts means minimal maintenance.

Think all solar panels are the same? Think again. Experience matters.

There are hundreds of young start-up companies today, and it can be tough to know which one to choose.

A solar panel should last for decades. Selecting a company you are confident will be around to honor warranties as well as service commitments is a top priority.

Support America by buying panels made here on U.S. soil.

Look for a proven track record and more than 25 years in business.

Contact Us For Free Solar Energy Consultation in Ventura and Santa Barbara

If you want to unlock the power of solar paneling and produce your own energy contact us today to schedule a no-cost no-obligation solar consultation.  We’ll travel to your location throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties and expertly advise you on how solar paneling may be installed and implemented on your home and property.  We look forward to hearing from you.