Electrical service calls in Ventura, CA

by United Electric

Electrical service calls in Ventura, CA

United Electric in Ventura, CA is a great company to make electrical service calls for issues in the home.  Recently my wife and I purchased a big beautiful house in Ventura.  This was an exciting time for us, it is said that a house is the biggest investment you can make.  It was very important to us to make sure everything about the house was perfect.

As we got into the house we realized the person that owned the house prior to us was a contractor, but it seemed that they specialized in carpentry more than electrical.

Not surprising, they installed beautiful wood work!   However, there were so many electrical issues that we became distraught about  as we progressed through checkup in this house.  

One of the main things was the electrical wiring across several rooms.  Apparently, the contractor was a great carpenter but a bit of a dabbler when it came to electrical.  As we went through the different rooms we found electrical outlets that don't work, different peculiar sets of lights that would not turn on, and then we found that none of the lights in the BBQ area or backyard worked.  It was a mess of shocking proportions.

There were 33 inset halogen lights in the living room/kitchen area.  It was overwhelming and hot.  There were 70-watt bulbs adding huge amounts of heat to the rooms, and it was very uncomfortable.  It wasn't long before we began to wonder how much our electric bill would be as a result of all of these things.  We came from a house that had 3 light bulbs in the living room, modest recessed lighting in the kitchen and also in the  game room/office/dining area - our electric bill was usually under $50 per month.
With this new arrangement, our electric bill was almost ten times more expensive than our last house!
We called United Electrical because we used them previously, they're very knowledgable,  and they're very proficient at troubleshooting and providing the safest, most efficient solution.  They spent a few days going over the wiring, figuring out the arrangement of the wiring, and creating an energy and money saving solution.  We expected a high fee for all the work they performed, but it was very reasonable.  

They changed out all the 70-watt halogen bulbs and replaced them with 7-watt LED lights with a 10 year warranty on them - this reduces our energy usage and costs by 90%.

They took care of a lot of other electrical issues as well, areas that didn't work, etc., and they even replaced all the art lights.  Lighting is one of their specialties, Art lighting, interior lighting, exterior lighting, they have a great knowledge of all these things and are very good about explaining all of the different options.

We highly recommend United Electric for service calls in your home or office in Ventura.  We've been so pleased with their work that we have no reason to look elsewhere for our electrical needs.